Personal Injury Law














There are many things to keep in mind when selecting a personal injury attorney, not the least of which is to be sure that the attorney has your best interests at heart.  There are many personal injury scams out there.


If you've been injured in an accident, one of your first steps should be  do some research and find a responsible, well-respected personal injury attorney. The best advertisement for any professional is always by word-of-mouth from family and friends.


Consider the attorney's past experience and the results he has obtained for other similarly injured people and families in crisis in the past.


Attorney Wheelock's past experience as a licensed New Hampshire insurance adjuster  gives him a unique perspective and ability to move your family through the life challenges that follow a serious accident and personal injury - whether from lost wages, medical expenses or disabling or permanent injuries - without your having to incur any legal fees until you obtain the financial recovery you deserve.



Many people think  there is only one way to obtaining a sizable settlement - "battling"  the insurance company for years all the way to the  courtroom -  but that isn't your only option. 


Attorney Wheelock has many years of successful courtroom experience,  but also  just as  extensive experience in  negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.  This means that if you choose to litigate,  he will  aggressively and effectively  advocate for you,  but he can also help you reach a prompt and fair settlement  through alternative dispute resolution  methods such as mediation  or arbitration,  if that's the course you prefer.







Family Law














Divorce and legal separation can be a stressful experience affecting finances, living arrangements, jobs, schedules, parenting roles and the development of children who may be adversely affected. The decisions you make  concerning these issues can affect you
and your children for a lifetime.


Thanks to a large body of research completed over the last decade, we now have a

better understanding of the impact of separation and divorce on children.

One of the most consistent research findings is that children are harmed when they are exposed to conflict between their parents. Fortunately, this is also one of the factors in family law cases over which parents have the most control.



While such separations are never pleasant, there are definitely steps you can take to minimize the acrimony, emotional trauma and expense.



As an attorney and certified Guardian ad litem,  with many years of professional experience as a court-appointed child advocate, Mr. Wheelock employs  strategies and techniques in family law cases that reduce children's exposure to parental conflict while protecting you, your family and your children's best interests.


Attorney Wheelock specializes in the following areas of Family Law:

Divorce and Legal Separations

Child Support
Guardianships of Minors

Guardian ad Litem Advocacy For Children

Parental Rights & Residential Responsibilty Parenting Plans (fka Custody & Visitation)
Parental Alienation


Parenting Plans

Parental Alienation

Restraining Orders
Paternity and
Prenuptial Agreements

Post-Divorce Modification and Contempt


Estate Planning














You may live forever, but since the circumstantial evidence suggests otherwise, shouldn't you have a will?  Attorney Wheelock provides many essential services to his estate planning clients, from preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney and living wills, nominations of guardian, to living trusts, special needs trusts and guardianships. 

Simple Wills

If you do nothing else by way of estate planning, you should write a will.  If you don't write a will before your death, state law (RSA 561 - the New Hampshire Intestacy Statute) will determine who gets your property (it may well not be who you would have chosen), and a judge may decide who will raise your children. In your will, you can make those decisions yourself.

Do You Need a Will or a Trust?

What you need is: First, some good advice and an understanding of what estate planning involves and how the law applies to your situation. Wills and trusts are both documents that transfer property when you die. 



A simple will is a document that sets forth your wishes concerning the disposition of property at the time of your death.  

Will a Basic Will Avoid Probate?

No. But if you're relatively young and healthy, and you don't have tons of money, your real concern is to make legal arrangements for the statistically unlikely event that you will die suddenly and unexpectedly.